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Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems - CVIS

Start: Wednesday December 2, 2009 - 8:00 am
Stop: Thursday December 3, 2009 - 6:00 pm
Location: Hannover, Germany
Description: CVIS

"How communication technology can support road network management and increase road safety Opportunities for Public Authorities"

Cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems provide technology to allow cars to communicate with one another and with roadside infrastructure. Cooperative systems aim to significantly increase the efficient use of the road network, to increase road safety, and to reduce the environmental impact of road transport. One example of such cooperative applications is the priority application: some vehicles deserve higher attention than others, for instance emergency vehicles, public transport vehicles, heavy trucks or trucks with dangerous goods. The priority application communicates with roadside infrastructure in order to gain priority at junctions, and the application aims at a more fluid and safe intersection crossing for the vehicle categories set by the authorities. This is just one example, but there are many others! Cooperative systems will allow public authorities to improve their traffic management and road safety services by using new communication channels and communicating with individual vehicles will allow for benefits in terms of data collection for public authorities (more data and better quality).

The training workshop

The two-day training workshop aims at providing participants with a solid grounding in the basic concepts and current research & development related to cooperative systems, as well as introducing the potential of this technology to address transport challenges at urban and regional levels.

Who should join?

The workshop is mainly addressed at traffic managers, transport planners, and decision makers from local and regional authorities. The workshop is also open to researchers, consultants and others interested in the topic. If you are interested in the upcoming developments of CVIS, then join us in Hannover!

Participation in the training workshop is free of charge. Click here for the programme, practical information, and registration form!


Melanie Kloth

E-mail: mkloth@polis-online.org

Phone: +32 2 500 5674

Type: Workshop