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  After a period of considerable fall of transit traffic and lack of road maintenance due to the political isolation of the country, during the past decade traffic was returning to road facilities in Serbia especially to the “main” road network. This decade was marked with extensive investments in road rehabilitation. One of the most important methods was Cold-in-place Recycling method, which was applied to some of 35 km of roads. Another important method was Hot-in-place Recycling, which was applied to more than 90 km. According to The European Union values, authorities now promote the protection and preservation of natural resources in an effort to step forward in this field. That means the implementation of different recycling technologies in accordance with experience of European countries, creating new relevant specifications different from those that were originally based on the use of natural materials. The objective is to stimulate the use of materials according to the “ladder concept” in the adequate layer of the pavement structure. Moreover, this approach can provide the means of valuable alternative solutions during the design process. The purpose of this paper is to present author’s opinion about the state of the art in the field of recycling in Serbia. More information to be found here
content link: http://www.ectri.org/YRS09/Papiers/Session6/Drndarski_D_Session6_Road_Transport(1).pdf
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