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  This research aimed to study the effects of aging and cognitive distraction on the localization of objects in natural road scenes at intersection. In order to consider the role of the scene context on the subjects’ performance, a modified version of the jumble scenes paradigm was used. Intersection pictures divided into nine sections were presented in three conditions (coherent form, partly and fully jumbled). Participants had to localize one object (i.e., vehicle, pedestrian, traffic light or road-marking) as quickly as possible. 24 younger experiment and 24 older drivers were involved. Results showed that both age groups used their driving related knowledge to locate the target without distraction, but they were not able to use them when distracted. More information to be found here
content link: http://www.ectri.org/YRS09/Papiers/Session7/Jallais_C_Session7_Transport_Behaviour(1).pdf
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