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Within the work package 4 of the CERTAIN project, the main objective was to foster and organise clustering and knowledge sharing, support cohesion and promote excellence in Central and Eastern European Countries as well as display links and synergies between projects and stakeholders/end users.

The CERTAIN web system embedded in the FEHRL platform provides users with access to information about all projects in the cluster and with direct links to reference material – so called the Project Database.This allows the users to obtain quickly an overview of relevant highway issues.

The internet platform for dissemination and searching for knowledge called FEHRLopedia has been designed as a portal to road infrastructure knowledge. It is a referencing system for technical reports as a reference library, for literature reviews, final reports, etc. The system links relevant contents from numerous reputable sites on the internet or research reports.  Users can search for information with different selection criteria; including project type, target end user, language and technical scope.  Users can also add new content and rate existing content according to the usefulness of the links.

WP4 of CERTAIN project is currently organising translation some of the key documents of the SPENS and ARCHES projects into five NMS mother languages (available in March 09)